I had many adventures in my life till today, i think the most interesting adventure of my life is to apply for a charity organisation to help poor people.

 In 1993, i asked my very close friends to help me to apply for a legal charity organisation and found volunteers to help us and we finaly accepted as a charity organisation by our goverment.

 We began helping to 25 families in first months, we were going to visit the families first, we were checking if they are real poor or not and if we find them real poor than we were giving food packs to feed them for 3 months. Each food pack were filled with 17-18 kgs of very useful things as rice, sugar,oil, soup, olives, biscuit, etc. And we were giving each person 1 pack of food, so it would be enough for all family members as we were giving 4 packs of this food packs for a family of four.
 We were very happy to help those people, we were not caring whatever they are trusting or whatever their etnicity were…for us to be poor was enough reason for helping…
 All the costs of those foods were coming from our volunteers` helps. We were not disturbing people to give us help as we knew it is now a fair way of asking help. We were not beggars either, we were helping to the poors of everybody, in that case they should come and help us themselves. But it never happened …. Even the people who never helped us, asked us to help the poor around them and even they were complaining us why we could not send the food on time, they should understand that the money coming from volunteers were not enough to feed everyone on time, sometimes we had to lend money from friends to give the foods on time… Noone were caring our troubles in fact. IT WAS OUR DUTY TO HELP PEOPLE, without helping a penny, people were quarreling us for our helps on time!
 The goverment cares the charity organisations, they control our everything very carefuly. ALready we had to care all the small things as we should not make any mistake, otherwise our charity would be closed, we should even go to jail if we make mistaken things.
 We had our website and we had added our bank details there, so that someone who wants to send money should do it through bank as it was very legal way of help, but one day the police called us and asked why we had put the bank details on the web page, we had to go to the police station to answer it. It was not legal to put bank details without goverment acceptance. We did not know it really. All our bank accounts were locked by police control as they accepted us as illegal money appliers. The funny thing is there were only 10 USD amount of money in all our accounts! In fact noone were helping us, even the police officers were surprised and laughed us when they saw 10 USD value at our account.
 We had to care every step we go ahead. we had to check the law carefuly, we had to do everything in legal system. We were in nervous situation as we were between the goverment control, poors, volunteers, attackers to us were also around us. We never would understand those attackers, they were thinking us as terrorists as we were helping poor, they were sending us mails and swearing to us, they were asking to power behind us, they were thinking us as communists etc etc. We were tired of all those stress aorund in fact.
 Whatever we did was accepted as simple things, what we had done?
– Reached more than 1000 families
– Helped 150 families continuously
– Gave foods every 3 months
– Sent 1 ton of coal to every family on winter
– Gave school help to students
– Gave lots of clothes to families
– Sent packs of books to schools of poor villages
– Gave household items to the poor families from the volunteers
– Found job to more than 5 families
etc etc
What we had done? nothing……
FINALLY; To open a charity organisation to help the poor is a very big problem… We continue our helps still, we know it is our duty to continue help without asking anything from them. We do it for our GOD, in our religion it is said to help humans for the name of GOD is the biggest pray you can make. We know to walk under the heavy rain at night is much difficult than walking under sunny road, we are just few volunteers who is still fighting for the poverty.
I am proud of all those volunteers as every one of them are fighting with not only poors but around too… To kill a person is very easy, can you make a half dead person alive? Can you? They do…….



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